Cactus Charcoal

Cactus Charcoal
Cactus Charcoal

Name Cactus Charcoal
Source Mod Plugins for Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Cactus Charcoal is a fuel source added by PluginsForForestry. It is created by cooking Cactus in a Coke Oven. After 35 seconds, the Coke Oven will convert the Cactus into Cactus Charcoal while also producing 30 Millibuckets of Creosote.

Cactus Charcoal provides enough heat energy to smelt 2 items in a Furnace. It can also be used to generate 1000 EU in a Generator or to power a Stirling Engine, Hobbyist's Steam Engine, or Solid Fueled Firebox. It can also be refined into Cactus Coke by placing it into a Coke Oven again, which provides twice an much energy.

While converting Wood into Charcoal provides more energy and Creosote Oil for a renewable Coke Oven setup, cactus farms are easier to automate and do not require additional mods to set up.