Basic Greenhouse (Calculator Structure)

Basic Greenhouse
Name Basic Greenhouse
Type Structure
Mod Calculator

Basic Greenhouse is a structure added by Calculator mod. It is used to automatically grow plants.


The Basic Greenhouse doesn't have structure. Instead it builds it itself, using 18 Logs of any type, 56 Stairs of any type, 14 Glass of any type, 30 Planks of any type and 12,800 RF.


Upon construction, the Basic Greenhouse will have 100% of oxygen inside. In order to increase speed of the Greenhouse, player can place Gas Lanterns inside and fuel them with any furnace fuel. The Greenhouse internal Oxygen will then be replaced with Carbon Dioxide, the more Carbon Dioxide will be inside - the faster plants will grow.

When any plant grows inside the Greenhouse, it loses some power and some of the Carbon Dioxide is replaced with Oxygen.

The Greenhouse has an internal buffer of 350,000 RF.


Basic Greenhouse (Calculator Structure) has no known uses in crafting.