Tutorial:Getting Started With GregTech 4

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A note for readers[edit]

This tutorial is based on the latest version of GregTech 4 for MC 1.6.4. There might be some differences with the one in Modpacks.

Some Beginner things[edit]

GregTech, in my opinion, is one of the hardest mods, which with change of even the simplest things in IC2, brings nightmares to Steve. But we are going to sort this out, Starting from easy to hard.

For the first thing, here are some recommended helpful mods that you'll probably need IF you're not playing on a mod pack:

1. NEI: Most important indeed, however won't do for all recipes

2. NEI Addons: For the recipes that NEI doesn't show on normal

3. Nether Ores: For getting extra ores via going to Nether, which you will probably need more ores in future

4. Iron Chests: Not necessary, but recommended for extra chest capacity

5. Ender Storage: Again not necessary, but recommended for taking for example

6. Buildcraft 3: For it's quarry pipe system it is necessary to have

7. Forestry with It's addons: to get some gems or metals out of your bees

8. Rei's Minimap: Totally necessary for locating on a map.

So, after these, let's get to the mod itself.

Getting Started[edit]

First of all, make a proper base, near an extreme hills and swampland if possible. If not near you, mark your base area on the minimap, then find those biomes, mark them, and return to base with some rubber tree saplings and emeralds.

Now we are gonna do actual listing of things needed: