Tutorial:Fusion Reactor (GregTech)

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Welcome to the Fusion Reactor Tutorial, we hope this article will help the Player in building the Reactor to provide clean energy for a safer and environmentaly friendly Minecraft world.

Planning for a Fusion Reactor[edit]

Before setting up whichever Fusion Reactor your GregTech version contains, it is highly recommended that prior to creating the first block, the player first focuses on preparing for the large task ahead. Simply to make the blocks, a player needs both considerable raw materials and well-developed infrastructure of GregTech machines for refining and processing the necessary ingredients. It is also necessary that the player has an alternative power supply and the technical know-how to automate the process of making fuel for the reactor.

Automation is a critical aspect of operation of the Reactor to sustain energy output. It is recommended to use methods of automation that are rapid and directly access inventories, such as Factorization Routers or Applied Energistics Import Buses and Export Buses. It is also worth noting that a lot of the recipes involved in making the various pieces of the reactor are extremely complicated and somewhat repetitive. An ideal set-up would be to use an ME Auto Crafting set-up in conjunction with an ME Network to store and craft the resources needed to fabricate all the parts necessary for this multi-block structure.

An important decision one needs to make from the beginning is to decide what their fusion recipe is going to be. There are two energy-producing recipes which you can use. The basic recipes are the same, regardless of version, but there are some minor variations in the way the recipes work depending on the reactor version.

  1. Using a Deuterium Cell fused with a Tritium Cell.
    • Advantage: everything can be produced from a starting point of water.
    • Disadvantage: the processing times are very slow [1].
  2. Using a Deuterium Cell fused with an Helium-3 Cell.
    • Advantage: requires fewer machines and the fuel last twice as long.
    • Disadvantage: require a constant source of Endstone Dust.

Reactor Part Crafting[edit]

List of materials required:

Fusion Coil (24)

               96 Highly Advanced Machine Blocks
                             384 Titanium Ingots
                             384 Chrome Ingots
                             96 Steel Machine Hulls or Advanced Machine Blocks
               48 Tesla Coils
                             240 Redstone Dust
                             48 MV-Transformers
                             48 Electronic Circuits
                             96 Refined Iron
               96 Energy Flow Circuits
                             48 Lapotron Crystals
                             24 Iridium Plates
                             96 Advanced Circuits
               24 Superconductors
                             8 Gold Ingots
                             16 Glass Fibre Cables
                             48 Superconductor Covers
                                             32 Iridium Plates
                                             64 Advanced Alloys
                                             48 Carbon Plates
               24 Iridium Neutron Reflectors
                             192 Thick Neutron Reflectors
                                             768 Neutron Reflectors
                                                           3072 Tin Dust
                                                           3072 Coal Dust
                                                           768 Dense Copper Plates
                                                                            6144 Copper
                                             192 Beryllium Cells
                             24 Iridium Plates

Fusion Reactor

               4 Energy Flow Circuits
                             4 Lapotron Crystals
                             4 Platinum Ingots
                             4 Advanced Circuits
               2 Supercondensators
                             8 Energy Flow Circuits
                                             8 Lapotron Crystals
                                             8 Platinum Ingots
                                             8 Advanced Circuits
                             4 Laptronic Energy orb
                                             32 Lapotron Crystals
                                             4 Iridium Plates
                             4 Superconductor
                                             12 Superconductor Cover
                                                           12 Carbon Plates
                                                           16 Advanced Alloys
                                                           8 Iridium Plates
                                             4 Glass Fibre Cables
                                             2 Gold Ingots
                             2 Highly Advanced Machine Block
                                             8 Titanium Ingots
                                             8 Chrome Ingots
                                             2 Steel Machine Hulls or 2 Advanced Machine Blocks
              2 Laptronic Energy Orbs
                             16 Lapotron Crystals
                             2 Iridium Plates
              GregTech Computer
                             2 Energy Flow Circuits
                                             2 Lapotron Crystals
                                             2 Platinum Ingots
                                             2 Advanced Circuits
                             2 Data Orbs
                                             16 Data Storage Circuits
                                                           32 Emeralds (Emerald Dust)
                                                           4 Advanced Circuits
                             4 Computer Monitors
                                             16 Aluminium Ingots
                                             4 Glowstone Dust
                                             4 Sulfur Goos
                                             4 Lapis Lazuli
                                             4 Liquide Lime Green
                            Steel Machine Hull or Advanced Machine Block

70 Iridium Plates (280 Iridium Ores) overall

It might be possible that some amounts are different

74 Advanced Machine Casings (19 Recipes, Will have two casings leftover)

                   114 Chrome Plates
                   38 Data Control Circuits (Will have 2 leftover)
                                      32 Iridium Plates
                                      152 Data Storage Circuits (Put In Assembling Machine:)
                                                        308 Emeralds
                                                        38 Advanced Circuits
                                                                                152 Redstones
                                                                                76 Lapis Lazulis
                                                                                76 Glowstones
                                                                                38 Electronic Circuits
                                                                                                  228 Copper Cables
                                                                                                  76 Redstones
                                                                                                  38 Refined Irons
                                      152 Advanced Circuits
                                                     608 Redstones
                                                     304 Lapis Lazulis 
                                                     304 Glowstones
                                                     152 Electronic Circuits
                                                                912 Copper Cables
                                                                304 Redstones
                                                                152  Refined Iron
                    19 Highly Advanced Machineblocks
                                         76 Chrome Plates
                                         76 Titanium Plates
                                         19 Advanced Machine Blocks
                                                                    38 Carbon Plates
                                                                                   38 Raw Carbon Meshs
                                                                                             76 raw Carbon Fibres (I stack and 12)
                                                                                                             304 Coal Dusts      
                                                                     38 Advanced Alloys    
                                                                                   38 Mixed Metal Ingots
                                                                                                        38 Refined Iron Plates
                                                                                                        38 Bronze Plates
                                                                                                        38 Tin Plates
                                                                    19 Machine Blocks
                                                                                   152 Refined Iron (2 stacks and 24)
  1. In order to compensate for this, people have been known to create a set-up including over a hundred centrifuges running simultaneously in order to maintain this recipe.