Tutorial:Exporting FTB To MultiMC

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This article will show you how to export any FTB modpack to MultiMC.

MultiMC is an alternative launcher for minecraft which some may wish to have in place of the default FTB launcher with the ability to create "instances" these allow the user to have an infinite amount of separate jars with no restrictions to modpacks or memory allowances. This will also allow the user to play FTB "offline" or without the use or need of a legitimate mojang account.


  • Have a valid version of Java
  • This Guide is only needed when using an older version of MultiMC, as the newer versions have a option to "Track FTB Instances" option.

Step 1: Download the Launcher[edit]

  • Go to the FTB launcher install page and follow said instructions remembering the location of your FTB launcher or somehow gain access to the modpack files.
  • Download MultiMC from multimc.org
  • When it has finished downloading, you can move the file anywhere you wish, your Desktop, My Documents, Downloads.

Step 2: Configuring MultiMC[edit]

  • Before we begin you may wish to take some time to edit the options, found at the top of the page is a symbol of a screwdriver over a monitor click this to gain access to the options interface.
  • I prefer to change my GUI settings to "Fancy" as it makes configuration of the instances a lot easier.

Step 3: Preparing For Exportation[edit]

  • First we need to create a template instance simply click the piece of paper in the top left, enter a name and click "OK"
  • Close MultiMC
  • Find the location of your "MultiMC" and your "FTB launcher"

Step 4: Copying And Pasting[edit]

  • Within the vicinity of the MultiMC file should be an "instances folder" open this to see the instance you just created within that delete all but "instance.cfg".
  • Within the vicinity of the FTB launcher should be a folder named after your modpack within are the files you need.
  • Simply copy and paste the contents of your desired modpack folder to the instance we created earlier.

Well Done[edit]

Now you have finished, re-open MultiMC and click Play or if you aren't in fancy GUI right click on the instance and then play any time you like for as long as you like. Optifine or any extra mods can be installed through the "Edit Mods" option respective of their places in Minecraft files.